Student Resources

Student Resources Related to Graduate School and Job Applications

  • Clinical Assessment-Oriented Graduate Programs
  • Clinical Assessment-Oriented Internships
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  • Clinical Assessment-Oriented Postdoctoral Fellowships
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  • Psychology Jobs Wiki

Student Resources Related to Professional Development

  • Ethics and assessment
  • Board Certification in the field of assessment
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  • Groth-Marnat, G., & Horvath, L. (2006). The psychological report: A review of current controversies. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 62(1), 73-81.
  • Wolfe-Christensen, C., & Callahan, J. (2008). Current state of standardization adherence: A reflection of competency in psychological assessment. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 2(2), 111-6.

Student Membership and Awards

Please see the Membership and Awards tabs for more information about student member rates and the Section IX Student Research Fellowship.


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