If you have any educational materials (assignments or case data) or training resources you would like to share on this website please email them to The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected psychological assessment training, supervision, and clinical practice.  Several organizations, including Section IX, have developed documents to provide guidance regarding tele-assessment and/or teaching and supervision practices during and beyond the pandemic.  We have compiled a list of resources below. If you have any suggestions or resources you would like to share, please send us an email.  We plan to update the site as new resources become available.

Guidance for Teaching and Supervising Psychological Assessment During COVID-19

Teaching and Supervising Psychological Assessment During and Beyond COVID-19 The attached document was developed by Section IX (Assessment) of APA’s Division 12 (Clinical) to provide additional guidance to instructors and supervisors of psychological assessment in the upcoming year. While many of us will choose to utilize various adaptations in our assessment training, it’s important to keep in mind that, along with the safety of all involved, ethical practice, and maintaining test security, training students in skills related to a multi-method approach to assessment continues to be of critical importance. Association of Psychology Training Clinics: Assessment Training Considerations During COVID-19

Guidance for Psychological Assessment Practice During COVID-19

American Psychological Association (APA): Psychological Tele-Assessment Guidance during COVID-19 Inter Organizational Practice Committee (IOPC):  Guidance for Tele-Neuropsychology Practice Society for Personality Assessment (SPA):  Tele-Assessment of Personality and Psychopathology


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